Friday, August 6, 2010

Nottingham Scientists Find Way to Use Gold As Antiseptic Agent

A team of scientists at Nottingham Trent University has found a way of binding gold nanoparticles to antibiotics. The gold lessens bacteria resistance to the antibiotics by weakening the cell walls of the creatures.
The tests so far have been extremely positive and indicate that the particles are highly potent at neutralising bacteria such as E Coli.

The findings of the tests have been published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry and detail how the team has been able to control the production of nanoparticles as part of a chemical reaction. The tests have proven that the particles are highly robust and effective in both acidic and alkaline environments alike.

The gold within the nanaoparticles creates holes in the cell walls of the bacteria which reduces their resistance to antibiotics. The ability to coat particles with antibiotics could lead to exciting and innovative new ways of looking at how we fight bacteria over the coming years....

Boffo for the boffins. They and gold will save lives.


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  4. Medical uses of gold are an interesting development.