Friday, August 6, 2010

John Paulson's Gold Fund In A Bit Of A Spot

Most of John Pauson's funds would up with gains in July, but his gold funds were a notable exception.
Paulson's gold-oriented fund, the New York-based fund firm's newest offering which launched this year, tumbled 5.93 percent in July, but is still up 5.7 percent [on] the year.

Paulson might get some bad press for that July result, but his gold fund has actually done better year-to-date than his flagship Advantage fund. Despite the hoopla that accompanied its launch, he didn't get much money subscribed to it apart from his own. Paulson himself put $250 million of his own funds in the project, which resonated with the comparisons to his bet against subprime mortgages in '07.


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