Thursday, August 5, 2010

Inevitable End To Protest Against New Mine

In Canada, anyways. Ken Masse was the only holdout against Osisko Mining's offer to buy his family home in Malarctic, Quebec. His and 204 other homes were sitting on top of the deposit, so he fighting an expropriation order and refusing to sell his home to Osisko would have held up the development of the mine. Masse said he was fighting to protect the environment from the mine and for property rights - an interesting combination.

Now, he lost in court. Instead of a large premium, he and his mother will only get court-assessed market value for the home. It'll be a lot less than what Osisko offered in the past.

The little guy fighting for his property rights against a corporation that had to resort to expropriation - this story would resonate in many parts of America. In Canada, though, expropration has a tradition all its own. The United States has only recently joined in.

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