Monday, May 17, 2010

Gold-Backed Loans Spreading In India

As reported by the Economic Times, gold loans are becoming more popular in the north of the country.
“There is clearly an awareness among people that gold loan is a smart loan and that it can unleash value which can be used for productive activities including improving one’s lifestyle. It is being looked upon as a cheaper, faster and a smarter option. This is in sharp contrast to the earlier perception that gold loans are taken during crisis by those economically deprived,” said Mr George Alexander Muthoot, managing director, Muthoot group.

He claims that the interest rates being offered by NBFCs are comparable to those being offered by nationalised banks....

Typically, gold loans are taken for three-to-six months and the average ticket size is in the Rs 20,000- 25,000 range. Industry sources claim that only 2 % default in their payments. “Nearly 80 to 90% of their customers are repeat customers as they have no reasons to worry about safety of their pledged gold kept in our safe deposit vaults,” a source said.

Indiabulls Financial Services is looking to introduce a scheme where a physical market player of gold and silver would be provided with funds for a short term. Indian Commodity Exchange CEO Sanjay Chandel said, “It would be a temporary funding arrangement and might be akin to what other institutions are offering.”

It's interesting to see the trend grow and spread, as similar loans might make inroads into North America some day.


  1. That sort of lending is badly needed in the States. The best I can do on small loans for gold and silver bullion is 8% per month for a $500.00 loan. Yet I can think of no better security for a fiat money loan than gold or silver.

  2. In India, gold loan is gaining popularity because people are now using there gold to fulfill their urgent needs. Banks are offering low interest rates on gold loan.