Tuesday, April 27, 2010

World Gold Council Says Gold Prices Have Held Up Due To Strong Fundamentals

According to an excerpt at Bullion Vault,
Gold Prices have performed well in the first three months of the year thanks to "solid fundamentals".

That is according to the World Gold Council (WGC), which reveals that while Gold Prices are often assumed as having a negative correlation with the US dollar and stock markets, this year is proving this is not always the case, according to the Telegraph.

The WGC suggests that Gold Prices are performing well despite US dollar and stock market improvements....

Along the same line, although more tub-thumping, is an opinion piece webbed by Jutia Group written by John Taylor, which says that elitists like to bash gold because they're too tied in to the present fiat-money standard. Along with Jon Nadler, Jeffrey Christian is criticized as being part of that elite:
John and Jeffrey personify the “Almost hysterical antagonism toward the gold standard that unites statists of all persuasions” that Alan Greenspan wrote about in his 1966 essay titled, “Gold and Econmic Freedom.”... My friends John and Jeffrey would never admit it and indeed they might not even be conscious of it, but they love statism. They have no doubt convinced themselves that people like your editor and other common folks among the masses of Americans are too ignorant to be left with the kinds of freedoms our Constitution guaranteed. And so they have appointed themselves as benevolent leaders who are simply doing us a favor by taking away our wealth and our freedom.

So when you hear the likes of John Nadler and Jeffrey Christian always, always, always presenting a bearish view on gold, realize they are simply talking their fiat currency book. They are not being entirely dishonest, because consciously they believe what they are saying. But they either don’t want to understand or simply have not done enough independent thinking to question the answers they wrote in their little blue test booklets in Keynesian Economics 101. And it just so happens that those are the same answers they need to keep regurgitating on CNBC and Bloomberg in order to keep in good standing with the ruling elite that employ them....

Strong words.

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