Friday, April 30, 2010

Gold-Investing Primer Webbed By Christian Science Monitor

The contents of it are likely to be familiar to gold vets, but I call atytention to it to show that gold investing is spreading into the mainstream. The introduction sets the tone:
I never quite understood how gold works as an investment, and how it might fit as a part of one’s portfolio. Sometimes I’ll hear statements such as, “Now’s a great time to buy gold!” Or I’ll read in investing books that you should have a small percentage of your portfolio invested in gold or precious metals. This article will explain how to invest in gold and why you may or may not want to....
This piece, webbed only, is by a guest blogger and is clearly intended to be informational. It's not boosterish, and it's not a feature piece. It's far from the stereotypical gold-ad-in-disguise MSM cover story.

But the trend should be clear. Count this one as further mainstreaming of gold as an asset class. Had it been written two years ago, or even last year, its introduction would have been indicated another gold-is-in-a-bubble piece.

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