Sunday, April 25, 2010

Financial Sense Holds Gold Roundtable

The first segment of this week's Financial Sense Newhour podcast touched on Jim Puplava's "end game" 2014 prediction, during which hyperinflation is supposed to hit, but the second segment [.mp3 file] was specifically devoted to gold. One of the experts, Jeffrey Christian, wasn't all that bullish on the metal's prospects. The topic of gold's popularity was discussed, and the standard answer changed a bit: gold seems to be entering into the investment mainstream's awareness. The man in the street isn't crowding the gold shows, as yet, but there is increasing interest in the gold market. Also discussed was the undervaluedness of gold stocks at this point: John Doody said that by his calculations, they were undervalued by about 10% right now.

Although most of the panelists were inclined to be bullish, there wasn't that much excitement evident; the excitement in the podcast overall seems to be reserved for oil. Again, Puplava distanced himself from the GATA crew.

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