Friday, July 9, 2010

Playing Off The Gold Bull

The price of gold has continued to rise this year, and at times it seems to have been driven up by hype. Until relatively recently, the gold stocks have not followed. Over the last few years, the stocks have been disappointing relative to gold because of raw materials cost squeezes taking away the profits from any rise in the gold price; the '08 crisis added to that disappointment by pummeling gold stocks far harder than gold itself. The raw-materials situation has changed, with the possible exception of oil. That's the reasoning behind "Avoid Paying the 'Hype Premium' for Gold: Buy Gold Mining Stocks Instead" by Daniel Long. Three stocks he recommends are Golden Star Resources, Gammon Gold and Capital Gold Corporation. The first and the last are recommended because of relatively low valuations, and strengthening balance sheets, while Gammon is recommended because it's been beaten down by an earnings misstatement that has since been cleared up.

Some financials-oriented investors might well be leery of investing in Gammon because of a (ofteny well-placed) suspicion that a compnay that overstates once is likely to do so again.


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