Monday, July 19, 2010

Harry Schultz Still Bullish On Gold

Harry Schultz is one of the original goldbugs, and a big name even back in the 1960s. [The late Paul Erdman was a "Harry L. Schultz man", or "HLSM."] In an interview with the Daily Bell, exerpted at, he said gold is destined to go much higher. One reasons is his belief that the gold markets are manipulated - he believes all market are - but the metal will break the bounds placed on it.

Interestingly, he's an Internet and computer skeptic. He says high tech has traded performance for dependability: it was generally expected that a typewriter would never "hang," but computers don't have that reliability. He also thinks the Internet may be a gigantic trap as the government can collect much more information on people than would otherwise be the case.

I should add that Schultz got his start in old media: newspapers.

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