Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Case For Gold Stocks

In an interview with the U.K.-based Jutia Group, founder and CEO of CD Private Equity Natural Resources Fund Carmel Daniele predicts that gold will go to $2,000 within twelve months. No doomsayer, she's pinning her forecast on the commodity super-cycle which she expects to continue for 20 years all told. That cycle, she expects to be concurrent with continued high growth in the PRC. She also points out that urbanization and high-growth waves typically last about 30 years, citing America and Japan as examples. Mainland China's, she claims, has only been rolling for ten years.

Unlike many other gold bulls, her interest is in juniors. Most of the names she discusses will be familiar to veteran gold-stock watchers: they're juniors with huge deposits, like International Tower Hill and Ventana.

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