Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Glenn Beck/Goldline Story Won't Go Away

Rep. Weiner is in crusade mode against Beck and Goldline. When on Bill O'Reilly's show, according to Front Page Magazine, he brushed aside O'Reilly's point that there are worse gold companies to go after.
Last night, Weiner came on the ”O’Reilly Factor” to defend his charges against Beck and Goldline. He called Beck Goldline’s “shill” for promoting its sale of the heavily marked-up gold coins. O’Reilly pointed out that Goldline was rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and was free to charge whatever it wanted for its coins. O’Reilly also said that Weiner was being unfairly selective in going after Beck’s sponsor and not other gold companies with far worse Better Business Bureau ratings. Weiner’s response was to attack the credibility of the Better Business Bureau and O’Reilly himself.

Yep, that's crusade mode...


  1. This Weiner might be in some kind of a crusade mode, but one thing is perfectly clear: he is right in that Goldline sucks. However, I figure just as Fox News is a schill for Goldline, I would bet that Weiner is a Schill for his Wall Street constituents: and Wall Stret does not want to see people buying Gold - Wall Street wants to see people buy it's over-priced securities.

    Point is this: if a Politician or MSM Journalist is talking then assume that they are lying to you. Glen Beck, O'Reily and Weiner and their ilk are not going to give you the real story about Gold - just fear and hype.

  2. Fair enough, although I myself believe it has more to do with Beck being a lightning rod. You can't go far wrong in assuming that any political figure has a hypocritical side.

    Of course, I'm partial to buying bullion coins at low prices...

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