Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brett Arends Reveals He Doesn't Think Much Of Gold

In the second part of his series on gold, Brett Arends reveals that he's a gold skeptic. He and his crowd evidently don't find much use for gold, one item which the relativism custom seems to have missed. [For some reason, I can hear the echoes of Bill Buckley's ghost telling us pornography has no intrinsic value. I'll leave it to you to guess who would tell us television "has no intrinsic value."] He makes the point that investment demand, which he inevitably calls "hoarding," is the main factor behind gold's rise. In his capstone, perhaps inevitably, he compares gold's rise to a Ponzi scheme.

What to say? According to the reports I've read, gold would go down to $800 or so if the investment demand winds up being ephemeral. Last I checked, a Ponzi scheme's securities goes down to $000 once the buying stops. The cheques bounce, in other words. Gold isn't a liability, so it's hard to see why a one-ounce gold coin would bounce except physically.


  1. What Brett Aends won't say is that what he has just applied to Gold applies even more so to the stocks that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). As a group, The stocks that make up the DJIA have a group divedends of less than 3% - this is less than inflation! Plus, the stocks are valued far above their Net Tangible Asset Value and many of these stocks have a net tangible Asset Value of less than Zero! Additionally, these shares of stock may be created at will at the bequest of the people who run these companies - and there is nothing the stock holder can do to protect himself from this type of financial dilution. Divedend payments may be stopped at any time. As a creditor the stock holder is always last in line.

    Don't ya' just love Wall Street?

  2. And, of course, a gold standard would bring a lot of mainstreamized speculation to a halt. "Inflation nation" is more fertile ground for speculating.

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