Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dennis Gartman Says Gold Not In Bubble, Yet

As reported by the Business Insider, Dennis Gartman has disputed the claim that gold is in a bubble as of now:
We find it interesting that amidst the talk of a “Bubble” in gold, Market Vane’s bullish consensus figures are… and have been… hovering at 70%. Bubbles occur when the bullish consensus gets to 90% and above, and even then it must be there and stay there for several weeks before corrections of consequence develop.

Bubbles don’t occur at 70%. 70% bullish enthusiasm for gold is really quite normal. Certainly it is not “Bubble-y.”

He may be referring to the climax of a bubble, but I agree with him on his call. There isn't the kind of auto-catalytic rise that's characteristic of a bubble yet.

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